NDIS approved occupational therapy and physiotherapy and more in Townsville, Cairns and Bowen

PaediaTricKs is an Occupational Therapy practice that for 15 years has been helping children with their learning activities, including handwriting, reading, fine and gross motor skills, development, attention/concentration and behaviour.

Specialising in children's occupational therapy and physiotherapy our therapists in Townsville and Bowen can help identify the basis of your child's learning difficulty. We provide comprehensive assessments and enthusiastically provide regular therapy to help your child develop the skills they need to improve their performance.

PaediaTricKs owner, Donna Emery has experience as a Townsville paediatric therapist, a musician, and experience over a broad range of physical and mental health areas that spans more than 30 years. As a mother of 4 children (one with multiple disabilities) she brings a wealth of personal experience in a relaxed and informal style in a manner that from the very first conversation, you will be glad you made the call.

Occupational Therapists Zachary Gray and Josh Denman deliver creative goal-directed therapy with an enthusiasm that keeps children inspired to achieve their best.

We are pleased to introduce Lisa Giorcelli, a paediatric physiotherapist and mother of 4 children, with years of experience within the education system.

Bowen Based Occupational Therapist, Kristy Williams brings with her professional skills from a background in Mental Health and paediatrics. 

Donna works with Townsville based musician and recording/film maker Matt Whitton and singer/songwriter Josh Denman to deliver Music based Occupational Therapy where with the help of switches, lasers and musical instruments children can engage in the joy of music making with joy and enthusiasm.


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Medicare rebates available for:

  • NDIS
  • Better Access to Mental Health
  • Helping Children with Autism
  • Better Start
  • Enhanced Primary Care Program


Autism Spectrum Disorders

The health and welfare of your loved ones is of the utmost importance to you and we will ensure that we cater to it as effectively as possible. Autism spectrum disorders can come in many forms. Our occupational therapists in Townsville are well-versed in treating sensory processing difficulties, difficulties with play and communication, daily living skills and difficulties with concentration and learning and have the warm and caring approach to effectively help you and your child.

Our music programs have special benefits for clients with severe disabilities who have particular difficulty with communication and social engagement. The sometimes challenging inner world of very withdrawn clients can be masterfully drawn out through the skilled use of rhythm and music.


Every child is unique and has individual strengths and abilities. At PaediaTricks we get to know each child individually, and we know that a child will learn and develop best according to their strengths. 

Is your child fidgety? Always moving?

There are often underlying postural and sensory issues that may be contributing to a child's behaviour. At PaediaTricKs, we get to the bottom of what may be contributing to a child's attention/concentration and behavioural difficulties.

We make therapy fun and motivating, and your child will learn more about themselves and grow in confidence.

PaediaTricKs occupational therapy will enable your child to reach their potential .


At PaediaTricks we focus on children's occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Our staff offers clinical expertise with the personal attention that your child needs and have years of experience in working with children. They understand your child’s concerns and difficulties throughout the process and will help guide them through any treatment they are receiving so that they are more relaxed and confident.

We provide individual treatment as well as groups such as Handwriting Clubs,  "How Does Your Engine Run" (The Alert Program), Food therapy groups, "Write to Read" groups, social skills groups and music groups. We can visit home, schools and the Townsville community. We can provide music based Occupational Therapy, to enable all children with varied abilities to access music making.

We are trained in approaches such as the Wilbarger Protocol for sensory defensiveness, The Listening Program, SOS approach for picky eaters and problem feeders, Therapeutic Listening and we also offer music based occupational therapy.

Our occupational therapists regularly provide training and professional development to teachers and teacher aides, parents and students.  Donna has been a guest lecturer in Paediatrics for JCU for over 10 years.